Our company was established in 1983, join hands on iron pipe , six angle bar , different competent piece , aluminium , bearing steel , sharpen iron ,etc. excellent material process soon over the past 30 years, devoted to every technology to make Cheng research and develop and is it make their efficient to improve, and company's director has already been engaged in the part and manufacture for many years, have specialized technology and real working experience , make to every arrangement experience to no small extent of Cheng temper.

Future - The precision is that essence , science and technology that the machinery does not change are the extension with limitless technology, our company have perspective management idea, know in the future trend towards exquisite to is it march towards to take constantly even more, in order to reach the operations objective, the company abuses cost investment, up till now has had 70 CNC computer lathe altogether, for improve working efficiency and perfect degree, " Miyano BNC walk one hundred sheetses of type lathe " as the main fact " with Japan all.    In management, the merger of strengthening the work of inside in the group is in charge of the homework with the product of the products, offer quality is steady and satisfactory cost prices perfect in size to the customer, do leading , quality as the foundation with the customer, idea managed for our company. To the insistance of professional dedication , sincere attitude and products quality, is the deep striving direction that expects by oneself of our company.

Company type attitude: The factory building of the industrial standard for land use, the production factory of the essence  


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